My name is Alex Simring, and this is my personal blog – something of a bit of an old diary where I write my thoughts from time to time. I can see that its actually been quite some time since my last entry and I think that’s perfect – just the way all journals should be! In all seriousness though I would like to keep a more regular update of what’s been happening.

I thought that I would start of just by posting a little bit of my background – where I was born, how I found things to be when I was growing up, where I studied and what I doing right now.

I will come back to fill out this section bit by bit, and try to keep it as updated as possible. I’ll also try to keep adding more information to the other parts of this blog. I want to use this as a forum to post some of my thoughts, in a journal style, in terms of what I’m currently doing. This will be mostly for me to look back on a see what I used to be like when I turn 80!

Just a quick little update on what I’m currently doing. So now, as per the journal format, it’s 13th August 2013, and I getting ready for the next day. I’m ready to embark on my next passion, and I think it’s going to be cooking again. Here is a picture to get things off to a flying start!

I have a special interest in personal development and self growth. There will be plenty of information on issues related to body and mind as well as health and fitness. There will also be a complete guide outlining step by step instructions on how to meditate. A series of articles will be posted on human motivation and how best to utilise it to achieve our goals.

There will be up to date information on issues related to health and fitness with a special emphasis on nutrition. Cooking tips and loads of valuable information will also be provided on food and wine.

I am also passionate about music and there will be detailed instructions focusing on the cello. Topics covered include a beginners guide to playing the cello and a musical appreciation of all things related to the cello.

This is a personal website where I can outline my passions and interests.

The following are websites which contain more information following the same theme.


Optimal digestive health is an area that I am passionate about. Good eating forms the cornerstone for optimal health. There is an over emphasis on foods for convenience rather than on eating for good health. Foods these days are packaged, processed, refined and then stripped of all nutrients while being packed full of preservatives, chemicals and additives. This is what the modern consumer demands…convenience. High sodium and sugar content make foods flavourful but worsen cardiovascular disease and obesity.

There should be an emphasis on fresh seasonal whole foods. Anything that lives in a can is best left on the shelf. Eat foods which will perish unless consumed within a few days. Eating with the seasons is always the best advice, as not only is food more flavoursome, but it also contains peak amounts of nutrients. Try to eat more foods which contain colour. Reds, greens, blue, orange, purple… you name it – if it has colour then it’s bound to be packed full of anti-oxidants.

I have also written some useful information at the Health Guru. I have a special interest in eating foods for energy. Sugar seems to be the worst poison when it comes to draining energy. There is an excellent book called Sweet Poison by David Gillespie which outlines just how bad all of the fructose can be! I don’t necessarily think fructose is the only bad sugar, rather that all refined sugars have more or less the same bad health effects. There seems to be a trend in the recognition that high GI foods, refined sugars and carbohydrates have poor health outcomes. Over the past decade, the emphasis has slowly been shifting from low fat diets to low carbohydrate diets. I don’ think that there should be excessive limitations in any food group, but rather balanced healthy eating should be the cornerstone of optimal nutrition. Nevertheless, reducing refined sugars should be the number one health goal. This will not only improve insulin resistance and help reduce the development of the metabolic syndrome, but will also help reduce weight, improve energy levels and dampen that pesky sweet tooth!

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I also thought it would be interesting to post this family tree. It’s always interesting to go back into the past and learn a little bit about where we came from. Here is my current family tree, but later I’ll try to post some older generations. It’s interesting to think that I haven’t heard of most of the people beyond the most recent generations, but I suppose that’s the way it often is.



I am located in Liverpool,NSW, Australia and can be best contacted on

Feel free to leave a comment on any of the articles and I hope you enjoy exploring my site.

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