The best types of foods to eat are wholefoods – foods which are unprocessed and have no additives or preservatives. Food should be nutrient dense, seasonal and delicious. There are many reasons behind the food choices we make – some people choose a diet with the aim of health, nutrition, weight loss or disease prevention. There is much controversy surrounding the best types of foods to eat and for what reasons. I will try to provide information which is based on available research in terms of making dietary choices. Currently I am avoiding foods which contain processed carbs, the so called “white carbs” such as bread, pasta and rice as well as cutting out sugars. I am increasing my intake of all types of vegetables particularly leafy greens.

I am going to start of by going through a list of so-called superfoods – these are foods which are nutritionally dense and provide amazing health benefits. Of course, it is hard to determine in isolation which foods provide specific health benefits, and it is important not to get too carried away with any individual superfood. There are many thousands of individual components to a particular food – vitamins, minerals and trace elements – it is hard to isolate one particular vitamin and single this out a causing a particular health benefit. Healthy eating will not just comprise of eating these superfoods, but also is to do with eating a balanced diet and how to food is prepared.


So take all of this with a healthy pinch of salt – but I hope you will find out some interesting facts about these superfoods and try to incorporate more of these into a healthy balanced diet.

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