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I have been playing the cello since the age of 5 and I would like to share some of the things that I have found to be useful. Learning the cello may appear daunting however these clear step by step instructions will help provide the impetus for starting the cello – at whatever age!

The most important tip for the cello novice is to find a good teacher. This is best done by locating a good music school, such as a Conservatorium of Music. There will be plenty of resources available, and a good cello instructor will be able to help you find a cello, provide suitable music as well as demonstrate basic cello technique.

This section of my blog will contain information on how I came to learn the cello. The main reason that I’m writing this now, is to act as a sort of inspiration. I haven’t seriously played the cello since I left high school over 20 years ago. It is also true to say that even during high school, my interest and passion in the cello was already starting to dwindle. I think the main reason for this was to do with pursuing academic studies and the competitive entrance exams into medical school.

I want to come to understand how and why I played the cello. Is it something that was ultimately worth it, and is playing the cello something that I will eventually return to? Since going to medical school, the cello has almost completely disappeared. Around 5 years ago I contacted my cello teacher to get some lessons and started practising again. I even joined the Doctor’s orchestra and played in one of their concerts.

I enjoy playing the cello, but when you have previously achieved a high standard in something, it is hard to return back to it at a mediocre level. To be good at playing the cello, I think you would need to be practising at least one hour per day – at that is just to maintain a certain level. If you really want to improve, I think you would need to look at playing 2-3 hours per day, if not more. Life is just too busy at the moment to make that kind of dedication. And if not to get great at the cello again, then really what is the point?

I always wanted to be part of a string quartet and play Death and the Maiden – this, for me, would be the ultimate. Playing quartet music was deeply fulfilling and probably one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. I suppose if I could join a quartet?

So I hope this journal will get me thinking about the importance of the cello and music in my life. Is music something that is still important to me, and is it something my kids should invest in? I think that’s probably an area that I’m quite ambivalent about – so hopefully this journal will help to clear up these issues!

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