Become an Early Riser

Let’s face it – some of us are early risers and waking up early comes all too naturally. I’m from that other camp of naturally late risers – never one to automatically jump out of bed without the alarm clock. There are many advantages to waking up that extra hour earlier, so many things that could be done. You could fit in an hour of exercise, or meditation and yoga. You could spend that hour doing a hobby, such as learning a language or you could even start a slow cook for the day and fill the house with wonderful aromas which will fill the house all day and welcome you home to a beautiful meal which was ready when you stepped through the front door! So this brings me to the first point of becoming an early riser.

1. Plan what you will be doing when you wake up

This is probably the most important first step. There is no point in deciding to wake up early, only to find that when you wake up you don’t have anything to do…. other than to go straight back to bed! You should think about planning the first hour in specific detail, so at least it gives you a guide of what to do when you wake up. Don’t neglect this first very important step. You might think that this is overkill and that you don’t have to make any such plans. Just remember that when you wake up early, your brain won’t be thinking straight. Even though you may have good intentions the night before, you can be guaranteed that when you wake up early, every fibre of your body will be screaming out to just go back to bed and get that extra hour of yummy sleep!

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