Sunday 18th May 2014

Ok – as part of my new strategy for weight loss, I am going to keep a daily journal by way of motivation and documentation. This is something I have never done before – at least on a consistent basis. I want to write every day for the next month. Even if it is only one sentence, an entry must be made otherwise it’s back to day one!

Just a few things to say – the diet will start tomorrow – literally on Monday 19th May. I hitting the scales at 89kg, which is near my all time peak of 91kg in 2005. Since 2005, I have variously managed to get down to my slimmest weight of 68.5kg which was achieved by low carb, high protein diet, and then maintained for a few years by regularly running and eating healthy.

Somewhere along the way, about 1 year ago, the wheels gradually fell off the wagon. I was running as much as 20km on Sundays, as well as cross fit or yoga during the week. I think the downfall started when I injured my knee while running long distances – I had to stop running for over 6 weeks to allow the injury to heal, and then never really got back into consistent running since that time. Now, although the injury has well and truly healed, I am just so fat that it hurts my knees to walk, let alone to run.

So my first aim is to get my weight below 85kg, and then below 80kg and then to my long term target weight of 70-75kg.

Getting to 85kg should be pretty easy, as I think I’m just carrying a lot of fluid and glycogen which can be easily burnt off. Getting to below 80kg will be a lot more challenging, and this is what I will achieve in 3 months. So, when I hit spring in September I will be under 80kg!

I have decided to try the 5:2 diet – I need to read up about it to see exactly what it is, but I think it’s about calorie restriction on 2 days (600 calories) and normal eating on the other days. I will choose Monday and Thursdays to be the calorie restricted days. These are both busy procedural days for me, so it will suit my lifestyle. And of course hitting Monday with a fast will be a great way to follow the weekend as well as a great way to start the week.

The other thing I will do is to go for a walk around the block every day – take the kids for a bike ride after dinner would be a great start. I will also start the day with fresh lemon juice with warm water – a great way to kick start the liver’s metabolism.

Monday 19th April 

Day 1 of diet – so far so good. I managed to get through the day quite easily, although it’s 9:30 PM and the munchies are beginning to set in. I’m thinking of doing a reverse 5:2 diet – eating low calorie for weekdays, and then eating more on the weekends. It fits better socially and seems like a faster way to lose weight. I know this is only for short term weight loss, but there are several things about this approach that appeal to me. Overall, I think I want to eat smaller portions. And the only way to shrink the stomach is to go hungry for a few days. I reckon after 1-2 weeks I’ll start to get used to my new eating habits. By eating more on the weekend, this should help to prevent the body entering “starvation mode”, as well as psychologically give me something to work towards.

So there it is – end of day one was easy – in fact so easy that I will do it again tomorrow!

Wednesday 21st April

OK – I’ve had a bit of a rethink about the how I’m going to carry out the 5:2 diet. I won’t go with the reverse 5:2 diet for now, since I think that will be too hard to do. Instead I’ll stick with the regular 5:2 diet, which means that tomorrow will be the second day this week where I’ll be fasting. My overall approach will be to go low calorie for 2 days, and the remaining 5 days I hope to be eating reasonably small regular meals. I am going to consciously make those 5 days resemble how I want to eat long term. I don’t want those days to be overly restrictive, otherwise this won’t be sustainable. I want to increase more veggies into my diet, with more fruit and nuts as well. I’ve decided to completely cut out all sorts of junk food over the next month until I start to see the weight shifting. So the long term plan is to eat a wide variety of healthy foods but in smaller portions. I really don’t want to eliminate or severely restrict any part of my diet, with the exception of take away foods and sugary foods. I think by keeping the one day of fasting per week will help to keep me focused on having “food boundaries” while also continuously acting to reset my mind and body to fasting status. More on these ideas later, but for now will put in a big effort to stay strict tomorrow.

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