Alex Simring Cello Tips If music is what interests you and playing a musical instrument is your dream, then there is no time better than right now to pick up one.  Other instruments such as the piano, guitar and drum may be more popular, but the cello continues to draw more and more new students […]

Alex Simring has been doing some research on arthritis and understands that it can be a disabling disease, and although medical therapy is often needed different types of arthritis, such as inflammatory arthritis, there are still quite a lot of dietary measures which may help control symptoms. As with everything else on this website, this […]

Become an Early Riser Let’s face it – some of us are early risers and waking up early comes all too naturally. I’m from that other camp of naturally late risers – never one to automatically jump out of bed without the alarm clock. There are many advantages to waking up that extra hour earlier, […]

  Alex Simring Biography Alex Simring is the main contributor to this website. This is a journal and will cover some of the things that Alex is passionate about, such as health and fitness, cooking and running.  At the moment Alex is working on yoga and meditation, and that is why the website is described […]