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Alex Simring Biography

Alex Simring is the main contributor to this website. This is a journal and will cover some of the things that Alex is passionate about, such as health and fitness, cooking and running.  At the moment Alex is working on yoga and meditation, and that is why the website is described as a Journey to Discover. In this journal Alex will write about some of the day to day things that he has experienced and is learning. This journal is really just another way to keep track of what is happening day to day – and rather than write things down on paper only to find that he can’t read what he’s written, this will be the perfect way to keep a journal up to date!


The best way to start off learning about Alex Simring would probably be to start off with education. Alex started his education in a small country school called Annangrove Public School. Although it was a small local school, the teachers provided a great deal of care and Alex found this school to provide him with a great foundation. Alex also had quite a lot of home schooling. He was given Maths and English books to do homework from the age of 5, but the key here is that he was given the year above what he was in at school to do at home. This way Alex was easily able to do the work at school, and this was very important for building self confidence.

Alex also started playing the piano from the age of 4 and then the cello from the age of 5. It was the cello that he really took a shine to and ended up taking on cello lessons and practising an hour every day. Alex won a cello scholarship to Sydney Grammar School and eventually went on the study medicine at the University of New South Wales. He completed his medical internship and Physician training at Concord Hospital and then underwent specialist training and current works as a gastroenterologist.


Alex Simring has many hobbies and interests, but the one that is probably the most enduring is in health and fitness.Physical fitness is one of those paradoxical things – the more energy you spend on exercising, the more energy it gives you in return. The times when we feel the most sluggish is generally when we are the most inactive. Some of the best ways that Alex finds to get regular exercise include CrossFit, running and yoga. One of the best types of yoga that Alex did was a type of “hot” yoga – but not where the room is super hot 40 degrees like Bikram yoga, but the room is heated to a more modest 30 degrees. At this heat the body is supple and has a vigorous workout which creates the most energetic workout and feeling of well being. Starting the day at 5am with an hour meditation session followed by 1 1/2 hours of power yoga is one of the best ways to start the day!

Alex Simring’s Nutrition Tips

One of Alex Simring’s passionate areas of interest is nutrition. Nutrition plays one of the most important roles in disease prevention, however is commonly an overlooked part of conventional medicine. Alex believes that the basic fundamentals of eating should include eating foods which are whole foods, rather than foods which have been processed with all of the nutrients stripped out of them. Food consumption should be predominantly fruits and vegetables, with small amounts of meat used as a garnish, rather than as the main course. Alex believes that the ratio of eating foods is probably the wrong way around – rather than eating meat based meals with some vegetables on the side, the meal should be predominantly vegetable based with only small amounts, if any, of meat. Forget the high protein, low carb diets – these will definitely work to help you loose weight, but they are not the healthiest diets. Eat predominantly whole fruit and vegetables and you won’t go wrong!


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